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Ireland's only velomobile dealership

Irish Velomobiles was created as a solution to provide an eco-friendly form of all weather transport for adventure and exploration but now sells the perfect personal commuter vehicle for congested cities.

Katanga WAW at Holycross, Tipperary, Ireland

The velomobile

The velomobile is a fully faired recumbent bicycle/tricycle that can be motorised within legal limits  ( 250 Watt motor with a motor cut off speed of 25 km/h ) leaving it is classed as an electric pedal assist bicycle, and requires no licence, tax or insurance.   

The fairing and hood protects the rider from the elements. Slip into first gear into work and let the motor take the strain allowing you to arrive at the office beating the traffic, yes you can use the cycle lanes, without breaking a sweat. Lower the assistance from the motor on the way home and give yourself a gentle workout, negating the need for gym membership. 

Alleweder A2 heading from Maassluis to Europoort

Seeking adventure or tired of the commute?

If you waste time and money each day on a short range commute < 25 km and live in one of Ireland's congested cites we have a solution to your commute.

Maybe you're done with the high cost of car ownership but still need a vehicle to take short local trips, we have a solution.

If you're someone looking to take long range eco-friendly slow paced tours around Ireland and the UK then our velomobiles are the perfect touring machines with storage space for your equipment and protection  from the weather. We also offer trailers to attach to your velomobile.